Senior Services Makes Checks and Calls During Weekend Heatwave

During the recent heatwave, volunteers reached out to as many seniors as possible to see how they were doing during the heatwave over the weekend and letting them know both the Community Center and the Library were open if they needed to find a place to cool off.

Thankfully everyone reached were doing fine and many were appreciative of our calls, even the 21-year-old young lady whose name was on our list. Our list is generated based on residency and ages 70 and up so we weren’t quite sure how her name got on the list, but both the volunteer and the young lady got a good chuckle out of it.

Our Meals on Wheels seniors were checked on by our great volunteers when they delivered their daily meal and everyone reported they were doing well also.

We don’t know all the seniors in our community, so if you have an elderly neighbor please take a few minutes to check on them to make sure they are okay.  Let them know the Senior Services Department has a wide variety of activities and resources available to them.

As a reminder, the Library and the Community Center is always a wonderful place to visit and cool off during Michigans toasty summer days.

Karen Adcock, Senior Services Department

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