Xceleration Fitness’s New Facility And Services Are Sure To Exceed Your Expectations

There are fitness centers and then there’s Xceleration Fitness, who just relocated to their new facility at 2675 Lapeer Road, in Auburn Hills.  For those already a part of the Xcelereation Fitness family know the staff there are top-notch and truly committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. Their new and improved facility will make your experience that much better!

The new facility has two levels. On the main level, you will find a spacious lobby, a gathering area where you can chat with fellow members before or after a workout, and a recovery room and space where HealthQuest Physical Therapy will be moving into this September.

The lower level is where all the action takes place. There you will find a spacious turfed training area, two semi-private training areas, private consultation rooms, a kids room, and some of the most upscale men’s and women’s locker rooms around.  Come September, Xceleration will also be home to FitBody 360 who will be offering Fit3D body scans. This scanning technology will give you a precise view of your body shape and measurements which will enable you to better track your physical progress in three dimensions.

Coupling Xceleration Fitness’s new facility and on-site services with their tired and true fitness programs which include; Adult Bootcamp Classes, Semi-Private Training, XB Bodybuilding, Private Training, Transformation Challenges and Recovery Sessions you’re sure to meet your fitness goals. Their friendly knowledgeable staff and family-friendly atmosphere will also make your fitness journey more enjoyable. 

For more information about Xceleration Fitness please visit their website at www.xcelerationfit.com.

Shawn Keenan, City Planner 

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