Water In, Water Out

Managing an underground labyrinth of pipes can be a tricky and challenging endeavor. Usually, it takes years of experience and knowledge to grasp the understanding of how the whole system works. From the minute the drinking water enters our water main to the minute the sewage leaves our city in a pipe, it needs to be managed. 

In a water system, we have pumps, valves, and PRV’s (Pressure Reducing Valves) that help send the water through the water main at a constant, safe pressure to the homes and businesses. With a sewage system, we have to keep the sewer main clean and unobstructed so that the sewage can travel to the large transmission main and ultimately to the treatment plant.  Overseeing and running these vital systems is a 24/7 job.

My name is Jason Deman and I am the new Public Utilities Manager at the Department of Public Works.  Although I am only 37 years old, I have 18 years of experience working within water and sewer services.  I started my journey in Washington Township, a small, budding community about 30 minutes east of Auburn Hills.  I got my feet wet learning the basics while I was working on my Bachelor’s from Oakland University.  I then applied and got hired by the city in 2005 to be a general maintenance technician in the Public Utilities Division.  From there, I have worked within and became knowledgeable about all parts of our current system in a maintenance and repair role.

My experience, education, and training have guided me through this transition as I take on my new role. At the end of the day, it’s as simple as making sure the water comes in and the sewage goes out. However, we have a great team at the DPW that always makes sure everything is operating efficiently. I look forward to being in this new position!

Jason Deman, Manager of Public Utilities

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