Auburn Hills City Council Establishes Policy towards Ensuring Quality Roads

At the August 5th City Council meeting, the council approved a resolution in support of maintaining an average Pavement Surface Evaluation Rating (PASER) of six or greater for the roads owned and operated by the City. For reference, the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council has selected the PASER rating system as the statewide standard of pavement condition reporting. For that reason, the City uses the nationally recognized PASER road pavement condition rating system which ranges from ten (excellent) to one (failed) to evaluate and plan for the maintenance of our roads.

The action taken by City Council stems from a roads workshop held on July 01, 2019. During that workshop, City staff reviewed various items with council, including the current state of the City’s roads and projected costs to maintain the City’s roads in the immediate years to come. At the end of the meeting, City Council unanimously advised City staff to draft a resolution in support of maintaining an average road PASER rating of six or greater for their consideration at an upcoming City Council meeting. 

Why does this matter?

With appropriate funding, the City can maintain an average PASER rating of six or greater with a strategy which will help maximize the investment in our roads. Likewise, maintaining an average PASER rating of six or greater supports the mission, vision, and values of our organization, and most specifically the values of excellence, safety, and fiscal responsibility.

In case you’re wondering what our current average is, it is right around 5.7, which per PASER is Fair. That is pretty good and likely to increase with the road projects we are working to complete this year. Even better when compared against the current pavement condition of all roads in Southeast Michigan.

We will keep working to maintain the roads. Try to keep your thumbs on the wheel and off of your phone because distracted driving is dangerous. Alert today, here tomorrow!

Aaron Stahly, Deputy Director of Public Works

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