Moceri Hydration Station – Water 3 Ways off Adams

We would like to welcome our newest asset to our beautiful City, the Moceri Hydration Station. Located off the Clinton River trail just west of Adams Road, this will provide trail users with some high quality H2O when needed. The fountain has the ability to get water 3 ways – a standard fountain outlet, a reusable bottle filler, and a pet friendly bowl at the bottom. We hope this will be a valuable and functional addition to our trail system.

Making this fountain happen took the collaboration of several different stakeholders.  First and foremost, we would like to thank the Moceri family for the donation of this beautiful fountain. They have been a large part of making this community great and they continue to add to the value of our City. Next, we need to recognize the Department of Public Works for doing their part in making this fountain come to life. Some people may think we just poured a block of concrete and bolted the fountain in place but it is not that easy! Several days, several employees, and lots of parts were needed to make this happen. Most of this is now hidden from the naked eye, but it has been installed and restored systematically.

We hope that all our residents and visitors can take advantage of this fountain when you are in the area. Stop by and have a drink on us!

Jason Deman, Manager of Public Utilities

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