Today We Salute Our Custodians

Yes, today is National Custodian Appreciation Day. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that this day officially exists.  The City of Auburn Hills employs three full time and a number of part time custodians who are responsible for keeping our facilities clean and presentable to the public and for our employees who work in these facilities.  In our organization, Custodians are certainly not an underappreciated profession.  I see them as a sort of Ambassador on behalf of the City.  Here’s my take on custodial work.  You see, first impressions are very important.  If a citizen or other visitor walks through the front doors of City Hall and observe a noticeably dirty and disorganized building, it’s likely that their impression is that this is representative of the kind of organization we are.  It sets the tone for the kind of service the visitor thinks they might expect to receive.  If our facilities are well kept, it reflects positively on the entire organization and will give the impression that we are a well-organized operation that is committed to good public service and to presenting a positive image on behalf of our citizens, businesses and visitors to the community.  These men and women are not “just Custodians”, they are brand ambassadors who allow us to put our best foot forward with the work they do to make us look good from the first minute the public walks through the door.

Here’s a suggestion I would give to readers of this blog. If you are in a workplace today and encounter a custodian, or perhaps visit a place of business where a Custodian is working, simply say “thank you” for the work they are doing to make your experience a good one.  Being a Custodian is not easy and it’s certainly not glamorous.  If it was, we’d all be doing it.  Show your appreciation if you will to those who are often less recognized but perform a very important role, the Custodian.  And to all of our Custodians serving Auburn Hills, please accept my gratitude for the work you do on behalf of this great community.  Your work is very much appreciated.

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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