The Auburn Hills Community Foundation (AHCF) Board of Directors met on Wednesday morning, November 6 to discuss business of the Foundation and to consider requests from grant applicants. 

We received funding requests from two organizations that serve Auburn Hills; Neighborhood House and Blessings in a Backpack/Avondale.  The AHCF is pleased to support both of these organizations and has awarded a grant to Neighborhood House in the amount of $7,500 and Blessings in a Backpack in the amount of $2,500.  We congratulate both of them on their grants and commend them on the fine work they do in support of the Auburn Hills community. 

To learn more about what the AHCF supports, visit our website at  The Foundation invites applications from organizations that serve the Auburn Hills community and can substantiate that service through appropriate documentation.  Grants are awarded once or twice each year, but not necessarily on a regular schedule.  Applicants may make an inquiry at the email provided on the website. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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