For some, the Season of Giving is the Season of Taking

It’s disappointing to have to discuss theft during this joyous season, but it’s part of the reality of life.  We want to take this opportunity to remind all of our residents to lock their vehicles no matter where they may be parked, including at their homes.  Unlocked automobiles parked in driveways, carports, unlocked garages, on-street, or in parking lots are a quick and easy target for thieves who choose items in your automobile as an alternative to retail shopping. 

There has been a number of larcenies from automobiles in recent days in Auburn Hills and neighboring communities.  Some of them could be easily prevented by locking the doors on your automobile.  Thieves often walk up and down a street and check car doors to see if they are open.  Those that are unlocked allow thieves to gain access to valuables that may be inside in just a matter of seconds.  And while some thieves are bold enough to break a window to obtain something of interest they see in your car, some will not for fear that the sound of breaking glass will garner too much attention. 

It is never suggested that you confront a thief who might be breaking into your automobile.  It is best to immediately dial 911 and if possible, provide a description of the person(s) and/or vehicle they might be seen driving.   

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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