Exploring Infrastructure Assets in Southeast Michigan

The City of Auburn Hills DPW is happy to receive a $23,000 grant from SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) to participate in their Infrastructure Asset Management Program. Numerous communities throughout the region were awarded grants to share their water, storm water, and sewer pipe GIS data. SEMCOG is leading this effort in an attempt to:

  • Understand the overall condition of infrastructure assets
  • Strengthen coordination on infrastructure projects to improve cost efficiencies and reduce inconvenience to the public
  • Share best practices for asset management programs
  • Develop a clearinghouse to summarize regional infrastructure needs
  • Communicate region-wide priorities at the state level

As the region’s primary planning organization, SEMCOG will be able to use this information to create a data heavy assessment of our infrastructure, something that hasn’t been done in almost 20 years! Read the 2001 report here.

In the long run, coordination of infrastructure projects with our neighboring communities saves us time and money. To learn more about the project and the goals above, visit the SEMCOG infrastructure website.

Nichole Bowman, GIS Asset Management Specialist, Department of Public Works

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