2020 DPW Resolutions




“A firm decision to do or not to do something”.

I have made sort of a hobby out of collecting quotes along my journey. One that stands out this time of year is “the days are long, but the years are short”. So true and almost exponential as time goes on it seems.

With 2019 coming to an end, and 2020 being right around the corner, comes a lot of buzz about resolutions. Like all things, some people are for them, and others not so much. In reflecting on this, what I have found more interesting actually are other words associated with resolution such as aspiration, design, purpose, plan, and commitment. All things that I can assure you went into what became the 2020 Adopted Annual Budget.

The Department of Public Works has many resolutions for 2020 including:

  • New Hawk Woods lodge.
  • New Riverside Park playground and pavilion.
  • Riverside Park riverbank stabilization.
  • The construction of new tennis courts at the Community Center.
  • North Squirrel Road concrete rehabilitation from Featherstone to the Clinton River.
  • Auburn Road asphalt rehabilitation and water main improvements from Opdyke to Churchill.
  • Atlantic Boulevard asphalt reconstruction.
  • West Entrance asphalt reconstruction.

More information regarding these projects, as well as others in and around the community will be available here by the end of January as we work to update the webpage in preparation for the coming year.

As for personal resolutions, if you’re looking for inspiration here are 40 of the best New Year’s resolution ideas for 2020 according to Good Housekeeping. I plan to get a jump on number three in January to appease my absolutely amazing wife. “Happy wife, happy life”.

Aaron Stahly, Deputy Director of Public Works

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