Keeping Our Storm Water Clean

Storm water is any precipitation that falls from the sky, including rain, hail and snow. There are over 2,500 storm drains/catch basins and approximately 225 miles of storm mains maintained by the City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works. This system helps to prevent flooding by diverting rainwater and melted snow off of streets and parking lots into a natural body of water or retention pond. Beginning in April, the DPW will inspect and remove sediment that has collected in the catch basins. We will also start our street sweeping program which will help reduce the amount of sediment that runs into the catch basins. Street sweeping, cleaning catch basins, and keeping the drains clear of debris will help to reduce the possibility of flooding and it will also keep pollutants out of our waterways. These are a few ways you can help us keep our storm system clean:

  • Never dump anything down a storm drain or drainage ditch. Storm water eventually makes it to our rivers and lakes.
  • Dispose of trash properly. Loose trash may end up in a river, lake or over a storm drain.
  • Do not blow leaves or grass clippings into the roadway.
  • Place pet waste in a container or flush it down the toilet. Pet waste contains unwelcome bacteria that will wash into rivers and streams when it rains.

Remember, the only thing that belongs in a drain is storm water. Even if you can’t see a river or lake from the street you are on, what goes into that drain can affect the body of water downstream.

David Slater, Roads Crew Leader, Department of Public Works

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