A Day in the Life of an Auburn Hills Fleet Technician

You wake up and it’s a typical weekday morning. You roll out of bed, brush those pearly whites, and head out into the cold and snow. You bump along down the road listening to the radio. You pull your car into your parking spot and head into the shop. The lights flicker on and the cars gleam. If your day starts like this, then you must be an Auburn Hills Fleet Technician.

The first thing you do is download the most up to date data on your vehicles. You check the mileage recorded, the gas tank level, the next preventative maintenance tasks. The data allows you to gauge what work needs to be done either today or in the next few days. As you’re checking the fuel downloads the computer lights up with email notifications from the fire and police departments asking you to fix their broken windshield wipers and dented mirrors and much more. You finish your data review and email responses; and now the real fun begins.

The smell of oil and gasoline wafts through the garage as you do your work: oil changes, tire changes, bumper fixes, head to toe checks. The field guys start to roll into the garage after a long snow plowing shift; their salt trucks are caked with snow. The salt trucks need to be inspected to make sure that the blades are sharp and there are no leaks so that they can perform at the optimal level.  You finish your day inspecting the trucks and logging all the maintenance; and you’re ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Us fleet technicians strive every day to keep the City’s equipment safe, up to date, and ready to use. Anything that moves whether it be a truck, mower, or weed whacker is under our care. Next time you see a City vehicle, remember the guys who keep the wheels spinning!

Jimmy Hanson, Fleet Technician, Department of Public Works

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