DPW New Routine for Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and here at the DPW we are preparing to start another busy outdoor season. As part of our “spring cleaning”, we are getting rid of some of our old routines and welcoming new ones. ArcGIS Dashboards are helping us do that by keeping track of our day to day operations.

Our Roads Division is responsible for street sweeping every April through November. The piece of machinery that is responsible for keeping the city’s streets clean must be taken very good care of! There are specific maintenance tasks that need to be performed on the vehicle after every 10, 50, 150, 500, and 1,000 hours. Traditionally, hour tracking was written on a paper spreadsheet and the maintenance worker would have to know the total sum of hours spent in order to know when to do the right maintenance tasks.

This year we have decided to approach this tracking a little differently. Using Survey123 for ArcGIS, the worker is now able to digitally record the date and number of hours spent after every sweep. This information is then fed into an ArcGIS Dashboard. The Dashboard allows our worker to visualize when tasks need to be completed based on the number of hours recorded. This ensures that maintenance tasks are done at the correct time and our truck can run as smoothly as possible!

As always, the main goal of the DPW is to provide exceptional service to our residents and keep our streets, as well as our underground and above ground utilities safe, clean, and well maintained. Using technology to better track maintenance of our machines helps us to accomplish these goals.

Nichole Bowman, GIS Asset Management Specialist, Department of Public Works

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