We’re Getting Ready For You

By now you’re no doubt weary and frustrated with the stay-at-home situation.  Life as we have always lived it has certainly changed dramatically over the last several weeks.  I’m not here to argue in one direction or another about the actions taken by our elected officials at the state, but I am here to tell you that we are preparing for your return.  There’s no doubt that you are going to hear the term “new normal” an awful lot.  It will be one of those phrases that will become increasingly annoying.  I know because I’m already catching myself using it over and over and I’m already annoying myself.  But I want to assure our residents that your Auburn Hills Team is working together to come up with smart and responsible ideas to bring back our operations so that once again we can deliver great services and you can participate in what will be, wait for it,  THE NEW NORMAL. 

We hope you understand that there are going to be certain activities and events that the community will not be hosting this year.  For that, we are very sorry. There will be as many held as we can, utilizing the new standards around social distancing.  This means that some of the events we host may be limited to a smaller number of participants.  Things that you used to just show up to, will most likely require pre-registration so that we are able to regulate the number of participants and protect all who attend.  Our community center (Recreation & Senior Services) is thinking outside the box.  While some events may be cancelled, we are going to plan other things that provide an escape for our citizens so that they can enjoy the great outdoors while still complying with the Governor’s executive orders.  I have consistently said that you can’t get any closer to government than you do at the local level.  So while none of us can get too close, we certainly plan to be get close enough to see you and to provide you with some enjoyment after a very long spring, spending a lot of time indoors.  The best thing we can do is to embrace some modifications to the way we participate in community activities.  They might be a little awkward, but they will still bring the community together and we’re going to work hard to provide you with an experience that brings you happiness and good health. 

As we get nearer to swinging open the doors to City Hall, the Community Center, and the Department of Public Works, you will see people wearing masks for at least some period of time.  You may need to be wearing one yourself.  Hand sanitizing will be a standard as you enter our buildings, and clear Plexiglas dividers will exist between you and the individual who greets you and provides you service.  Our goal will be to keep the services we deliver personal and safe.  We’re looking forward to seeing you again, but please understand that our service delivery will be done in a way that is the “new normal”.  There I go again. 


And most of all, TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER

See you soon!

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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