City of Auburn Hills June Events Cancelled & Splash Pad Closed

Keeping our community safe and taking care of each other is our top priority during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Early on, we were hopeful that it would be safe to hold our June events this year.  We discussed all the ways we could try to make it safe for our residents and guests.  However, with all the discussions and plans, it always came back to the health and safety of the people we serve.  With the Stay At Home order being extended to the end of May, we don’t know the exact steps our State will take to reopen and what size gatherings will be considered safe and when. We care about everyone who lives in and visits our city so we have decided to cancel our June events.  This includes Paddlepalooza, the Fishing Derby, and Summerfest.  This also includes the closure of the splashpad for the summer. 

It breaks our hearts to make this decision.  Offering fun events that provide community engagement and quality of life is what we do, so to cancel these events was a hard decision for us.  However, please know that your Recreation Department and Senior Services Department are doing everything we can to creatively re-plan activities we CAN do this summer in a way that allows for physical distancing.  Please keep your eye out for updated information about summer programs and events.

Sage Hegdal, Recreation Director

Shawn Keenan, City Planner

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