National Public Works Week

The week of May 17-23 is National Public Works Week and what perfect timing to recognize the men and women of the Auburn Hills Department of Public Works who have been on the job, keeping your water and sewer operational, roadways and parks maintained, and our public facilities safe and sanitized for those who are part of emergency response; our Police and Fire Departments.  The week of May 17 celebrates our team from the DPW who certainly don’t receive the recognition that other public sector employees often receive, but clearly do an outstanding job to maintain the many services that each and every resident and business enjoys on a daily basis.  From running water to plowed and salted streets, they’re on the job year-round and 24/7 when needed.  They are dedicated to delivering great service to each and every citizen, business and visitor to the community.

“The Rhythm of Public Works” is the theme for the 2020 National Public Works Week. The theme, based on the American Public Works Association’s annual poster celebrating the week, is to challenge its members and our citizens to think about our community as a symphony of essential services, working in concert to create a great place to live. Every community has a rhythm, a heartbeat that reflects its essence and tempo of life.  If you believe like I do, that our Auburn Hills Department of Public Works does a great job for you, give them a standing ovation.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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