A Trip On The Water Begins With Safety

Memorial Day is right around the corner and the time when most people like to get out on the water.  If you happen to be planning a trip on a river or lake this weekend or any other time this summer, be sure to practice water safety. 

That also goes for anyone planning to paddle the Clinton River because at certain times of the year, especially after a rain event, the Clinton River can be considered a Class II rating.   Rain events not only raise the water level and speed of the river but can also create obstructions in the river like log jams.

Enjoy paddling the Clinton River in Auburn Hills

So for those who might be inclined to head out on the river this summer, here’s a refresher on water and paddling safety.

•             Never paddle alone

•             Be aware of the streamflow

•             Be aware of the water temperature

•             Be aware of the weather

•             Always paddle with the proper equipment

•             Wear river footwear

•             Bring a spare change of clothes in a dry bag

•             Know how to swim

•             Be aware of the daylight

•             Know how to get help

•             Know how to recognize safety signs

For more details on these paddling safety tips or paddling opportunities, please visit the Clinton River Watershed’s webpage

Shawn Keenan, City Planner

Community Development Department

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