Hot Weather has Arrived

I’m back…No I’m not referring to myself.  I’m referring to what brings beautiful weather, foliage and flowers, walks in the park, camping, trips to the beach, or any other outdoor activity we all enjoy.  Yes that’s right SUMMER is finally back.  I understand technically it’s not (June 20 summer solstice), but when we’ve already experienced two heat waves where temperatures approached 90 degrees, I qualify that as summer weather.  We’ve all seen people walking in town, relaxing in the park, and working in the yard basking in the sun.  Unfortunately the older I get, I can only take so much heat.  When temps hit 85 or higher, I’m looking for a reprieve indoors where it’s air conditioned.  Which, is why maintaining that Air Conditioner is so important.  Here are my tips for keeping up on your AC. 

  1. Make sure you replace your furnace filter.  Not only will it help your unit run more efficiently, but it will catch all of those nasty allergens. 
  2. Clean your air conditioner with a vacuum. Use a soft bristled attachment and be very careful to not bend or damage anything.
  3. Keep shrubs and plants away from your air conditioner.  Debris being pulled in will make it overheat.  If possible construct a fenced enclosure around it.  This will help protect from debris as well as keep your unit shaded. 
  4. Check your thermostat settings.  For a penny pincher 78 degrees is a prime target to set your thermostat.  If you set it lower than that, remember each degree lower is approximately $8.00 more per month. If you don’t yet have a programmable thermostat, get one. It’ll save you money.
  5. Keep those blinds closed.  As much as we enjoy the sunlight, by closing the blinds, it helps keep the heat out.

Tim Wisser, Facilities Crew Leader, Department of Public Works

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