Demand Season is Upon Us

The demand season is upon us for the Public Utilities Division at the Department of Public Works. The calendar turning to June, recent re-opening of businesses, and the hot weather will begin to stress the division and all of our infrastructure.  The total volume of water being used by Auburn Hills residents and businesses has jumped by about 100% in just over a week!

That means the water tower, pumps, pressure reducing valves (PRVs), meters, and other water-related infrastructure are having to work overtime to keep up with increased water usage. Most of the increase in water consumption can be attributed to irrigation or other outdoor water usage. Residents, businesses, and public organizations often devote many resources to maintain their properties and landscaping, in which irrigation helps protect the investment.  It also lends to the fact that we have one of the best-looking cities around!

The terrain in certain parts of the City further adds challenges to the water system, as we need to have enough pressure in certain areas, but not too much in others. The City has 10 PRVs that help balance and maintain a consistent pressure for everyone.  In an attempt to help the City maintain our demand and pressure, we encourage our residents and businesses to follow our irrigation schedule.  This allows us the opportunity to balance out the water usage over a 24-hour day.  Rest assured, the City has a dedicated and skilled staff to maintain and keep the water flowing for everyone to enjoy.

Jason Deman, Manager of Public Utilities Division, Department of Public Works

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