Bicycle Fix-It Stations Now on Clinton River Trail

Have you ever been cycling and realized that your brakes were loose or your seat needed to be adjusted?  Do you want to ride on the Clinton River Trail but your tires are flat and you don’t have a pump at home?  The City of Auburn Hills has added two Bicycle Fix-It stations along the Clinton River Trail to help with these obstacles!  One is located at the Opdyke Trailhead, and one is located at the Moceri Hydration Station near Adams Road.  You can bring your bike to fix it before a ride or use the stations for emergency repair.  We hope these new amenities will help our residents to stay active and healthy while enjoying our parks! 

Mount your bike on the Fix-It bars and use the tools for repair
Use the QR code to find detailed videos on common repairs such as using the pump, repairing a flat, adjusting gears, adjusting brakes, adjusting a front derailleur, and removing a wheel. 

We hope the community will enjoy these new stations.  See you on the trail!

Sage Hegdal, Recreation Director and Pat Sawyers, DPW Crew Leader of Grounds

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