Auburn Hills Welcomes Three New Police Officers

The City welcomed three new Police Officers on Monday, July 27 as City Clerk Laura Pierce swore them in to begin their duties. 

These three young people come to us with the expectation that they are joining a well-trained police department that serves the citizens of our city using a solid community policing model.  They will spend the next several months immersing themselves in training to be the best police officers they can be and to positively engage with our community.  In addition to the oath of office administered by the City Clerk, they also recite and subscribe to two additional oaths as presented to them in the these photos by Chief of Police Jeff Baker. 

These oaths establish a high standard of expectations for each and every officer who joins the Auburn Hills Police Department.  Please join in welcoming Officers Brasil, Jennings, and Longtine.  Congratulations!

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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