Eggs, Milk, and Bread

One of the things that has remained constant for me, pre COVID-19 and post, is that I seem to always be buying eggs, milk, and bread. What has changed in some cases is how and/or where I get it. This holds particularly true for bread.

When COVID-19 began to impact our area and we witnessed some supply shortages, I began attempts to make bread and pizza dough from scratch. I have not fared particularly well to date. I did however gain an entirely different appreciation for bread and pizza dough through the education gained.

This brings us to eggs. Did you know that as an Auburn Hills resident, that you might be permitted to keep chickens? You can read all about it here in our Code of Ordinances. The keeping of chickens may be permitted within the R-1A thru R-4, one-family residential district in the city, provided you meet and adhere to the provisions outlined in Section 14-2.1, i.e. keeping chickens.

There are lots of benefits of raising backyard chickens, starting with eggs. Likewise, chickens create fertilizer, make great pets, and can help clean your yard. The list goes on and on.

COVID or no COVID, I am reminded daily that the constants and unknowns are always present. With that, I’ll leave you with the below. Perhaps having a constant of eggs may make you feel more like Pooh? 😉

Aaron Stahly, Deputy Public Works Director

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