The City’s River Clean-Up Tradition Continues

On a chilly Saturday morning of September 19th, four members of Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) volunteered to uphold the City’s 19-year tradition of participating in the Clinton River Watershed Council’s annual Clinton River Clean-Up.  The group dedicated two hours of their time to walk the banks and wade the waters of the Clinton River to remove trash and other debris.   The small band of TU brothers focused on the one-half mile stretch of river that flows between River Woods Park and the City’s Skate Park.  The effort from these community-minded TU members resulted in the removal of five bags of trash, a fire hose, one quad-folding chair, a car rim with the tire attached, and a bench seat from a mini-van.    

All the time and effort these volunteers devoted to the community that day goes a long way in helping the City preserve and protect our valued water resources for all to enjoy.   The clean-up effort did not go unnoticed by two residents walking the trail, who praised the work undertaken by the volunteers.

The City of Auburn Hills would like to send out a special thank you to the members of the Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, who participated in this year’s clean-up effort.  To learn more about Clinton Valley Chapter of TU, please visit their website at

To learn what you can do to improve the quality of our local rivers, lakes, and streams, please visit the Community Development Department’s Stormwater webpage at or the Clinton River Watershed Council’s webpage at

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