Ready for Winter

As we head toward another winter season the DPW has started preparing equipment and personnel for what is hopefully a short winter.

In addition to doing maintenance on the snow removal equipment, the DPW plow truck drivers participated in a snowplow (wing plow) rodeo. The course included right turns, left turns, straight lines, backing into an alley and moving around parked cars while keeping the wing plow within 1’ – 2’ of each obstacle. One of the obstacles had 3 one-gallon size containers hanging from a pole that the driver would attempt to hit with the wing plow marker. The purpose of the rodeo was to get the drivers familiar with the plow trucks again and to know where the wing plow is in relation to an object while driving the course.

If you are out this winter and you encounter one of our salt/plow trucks, please be patient and give the truck operator room to work. We have four trucks that are equipped with wing plows that extend out 6-8 feet from the right side of the vehicle and can be difficult to see, so do not pass on the right. Please remember to always maintain a safe distance to avoid being sprayed with salt and snow and remember “Don’t crowd the plow.”

Dave Slater, Roads Crew Leader, Department of Public Works                                                                                                                                                                              

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