Celebrating Auburn Hills DPW Promotions

The Auburn Hills Department of Public Works (DPW) boasts some very talented and skilled employees. Three positions were recently established in the AFSCME Union Bargaining Agreement beginning January 1, 2021 to represent each pair of Divisions of the DPW: Fleet & Roads, Facilities & Grounds, and Water & Sewer. Of the more than 40 employees that make up the DPW, 22 Grade IV Maintenance Technician employees were eligible to apply for a promotion to Grade V Maintenance Technician II. To begin the process a new position description was drafted that outlined the essential duties and responsibilities, and the minimum qualifications. The following are the attributes that we were looking for in individuals to fill the three positions:

• Safety: Looking for safety conscious individuals who have a desire and focus to perform the work safely, properly, and with attention to detail.

• Team Player: Being a strong team player is essential to ensuring success in this job category. In working together, they will be able to achieve common goals and positive outcomes.

• Passion for the City of Auburn Hills: Contribute to making the City a great place to live and see the direct impact their effort at work makes on the community.

• Ambition: This job includes elements of fun, but also requires a motivated hardworking attitude to succeed day-in and day-out.

• Customer Service Driven: This job requires working with the public, serving their needs in a positive way. A commitment to offering exceptional service in this role is a primary responsibility.

I was pleased to learn that fifteen of our own DPW Grade IV Maintenance Technician employees applied for the upgrade. All fifteen candidates performed well in front of the interview panel, making the decision very difficult for the final three to be awarded the promotion. The successful candidates are:

These gentlemen are outstanding employees and well deserve the promotion and this recognition. I look forward to working with these fine individuals in their new roles as they bring leadership, talent, energy, and quality work to the community. Congratulations, Gentlemen!!

Ron Melchert, Director of Public Works

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