Pothole Season

Spring is almost here and that means pothole season is upon us. Hopefully you won’t encounter a situation like the one pictured above, but it is likely that you will see potholes in your travels. Here are a few tips to help in avoiding them.

Keep your eyes on the road. Constantly scan the road and be aware of what is in front of you.

Keep a safe following distance. You don’t know how a driver will react if they see a pothole. By keeping a safe distance, you will be able to safely slow down and see what lies ahead.

Watch your speed. If you are traveling on a road that looks like it was part of a military exercise, slow down and consider taking a different route.

Avoid water. Avoid driving through standing water on the roadways as there could be large potholes lurking beneath the surface of the water.

Keep these tips in mind while you are out driving the roadways, hitting a pothole can cause damage to your vehicle which can be very costly. The DPW is out filling potholes but we can’t be everywhere at once. If you see a large pothole, please report it to the DPW at 248-391-3777.

Dave Slater

Roads Crew Leader

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