Community Center Gym Floor Refinishing Complete

The Auburn Hills Department of Public Works just wrapped up refinishing the gym floor at the Community Center. Stan Torres, Manager of Municipal Properties, and his team did a great job! With the State of Michigan’s COVID guidelines currently allowing for greater in-person gatherings, and the warm weather approaching, our friends in the Parks and Recreation Department are very excited to expand their service to the community.

The new tennis courts that were constructed in 2020 and the refinished gym floor are just two of the many resources available to Auburn Hills residents to aid with heath and wellness. Likewise, in addition to existing resources a new park will be constructed this year at the corner of Auburn Road and Opdyke that will provide for an enhanced kayaking experience, as well as designated open space for gathering and recreational activities. We also have several other improvements planned for this year to enhance existing resources including improvements at Manitoba Park and Hawk Woods Nature Centre.

Interested in our programs, classes, and activities? You can register here. You can also view the latest Parks and Recreation newsletter here.

Mandy Mullins, Recreation Coordinator & Aaron Stahly, Deputy Director of Public Works

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