Auburn Hills Recreation Gets a New Division

On Monday, April 12, 2021, our Recreation Department will welcome a new division.  The “Parks Division” will be led by Stan Torres who will transfer from the Department of Public Works (DPW), along with two additional full time employees also from the DPW.  Over the last few years, our parks system has grown not only in the number of parks we operate, but also in the number of facilities contained within each of these parks.  For example, the Knight Amphitheater has generated much more activity at Riverside Park in downtown Auburn Hills, and activity will no doubt increase at Hawk Woods Park with the addition of our new Lodge.  And this year, after being awarded a generous grant, the City will be constructing Kayak Point Park located near Auburn Road and Opdyke, which will provide an opportunity to launch kayaks and canoes on the Clinton River.  With these newest additions comes not only greater public use, but higher demand on the staff necessary to supervise and maintain the grounds, the buildings, and the activities within the parks.  The new parks division is designed to align the activities scheduled in the parks by the Recreation Department, with the needed maintenance support required to make these activities the best they can be.  In addition to those transferring from the DPW, the Parks Division will also be supported by existing additional part time staff as well as seasonal staff the City hires each summer.

Overall, the goal of the new Parks Division is to provide a higher level of service at all of our parks and an ever greater level of concentration on their care and operations.  This translates to a great experience for all of our park users.  Congratulations to the new Team that is now the Parks Division. They have the opportunity to set the new standard for our parks system and will do so by being part of something established from the ground up.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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