In Memory of Reginald McCloud

Each year for the last several years, Auburn Hills has partnered with Oakland University to host the Clinton River Water Festival.  Leading the event from OU was Reginald McCloud, Director of Pre-College Programs; and from Auburn Hills, Shawn Keenan, City Planner.  The event brought thousands of students to the OU campus over the years to learn the importance of a very important natural resource – water.  Reginald and Shawn were passionate about this event, and it was obvious when they kicked off the event each year in the Oakland Center.  What I remember most of all is when Reginald entered the room to start the event, the room lit up.  He was energetic and humorous, and there was no doubt that he loved the work that he did.  There was also no doubt that he cared very deeply about the people he worked with as well as the recipients of his efforts.  Our staff here in Auburn Hills recently learned of Reginald’s passing, and we are deeply saddened.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Reginald’s family, as well as his OU family.

Tanghe, City Manager

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