ONE, TWO, “TREE” Auburn Hills Celebrates Back-to-Back Tree Planting Ceremonies

Earth Day 2021 was celebrated on Thursday, April 22 and this year we are pleased to share with you that BorgWarner Corporation sponsored the planting of twenty-four trees at our city park located on Parkways Blvd.  This year’s theme was “Restore Our Earth”, and what better way to do so than to plant these trees in a park that didn’t currently have one single tree in it.  The park came as a result of a newer residential development in that area and will someday be improved to include more activities for the community to enjoy.  Many thanks to BorgWarner for not only being a great corporate citizen, but also for their focus on doing positive things for the environment. 

Representatives from BorgWarner Corporation join with Mayor McDaniel and Councilmembers Marzolf and Moniz to plant a tree at the park located along Parkways Blvd, between Adams Road and North Squirrel Road.

Arbor Day 2021 was celebrated on Friday, April 30, once again at our city park located on Parkways Blvd.  Utilizing the last of the twenty-four trees donated by BorgWarner Corporation, Auburn Hills celebrated its status as a Tree City USA, a title bestowed upon the city by the National Arbor Day Foundation.  Auburn Hills is in good company with 3,409 other communities across the United States with the Tree City USA designation.  This means that we have made an ongoing commitment to investing in tree planting, maintenance and care; and that we celebrate our designation through an annual Arbor Day event such as this one. 

Recreation Director Sage Hegdal speaks about the importance of Arbor Day in Auburn Hills as she prepares to introduce City Councilmember Brian Marzolf. 
Recreation Director Sage Hegdal and City Councilmember Brian Marzolf join city staff to plant the last of twenty-four trees in the park. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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