Inside the Blue Skies Brewery on Auburn Road in downtown Auburn Hills is a very pleasant surprise, the Layover Coffee Bar.  Not only do they offer the typical standards found in most coffee places, they also have seasonal selections of brewed coffee that will please your tastebuds.  Personally, I’m the kind of coffee drinker that needs enough flavoring to make coffee not taste like coffee.  So for me, the vanilla latte is the answer.  But my colleagues who drink black coffee brag about whatever happens to be the daily brew.  With an aeronautic theme and plenty of tables to accommodate customers, Layover Coffee Bar is a great place to relax and sip a beverage or in my case, to have business meetings with one or more individuals.  In fact, the spacing allows you to meet and talk without feeling like your conversations are intruding on others.  There’s also an outdoor option where you can sit at tables in front of the building and take in some sunshine and warm temps. 

If you haven’t tried Layover Coffee Bar, I’d recommend you give it a try.  I believe it’s as good as most coffee shops I’ve visited and of course, it’s nice to spend your money local and support a small business owner in our very own downtown. 

Thanks a Latte for reading. 

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