The Heat is On

Today and going into the weekend the temperatures will be extremely high and the Heat Index value is expected to reach 100+, which for the elderly this can be deadly.

The older a person is the less they will sweat which is the body’s way of cooling down.  This can be compounded with medication side effects, illnesses, and other chronic conditions. 

Sometimes an older adult may not want to turn on their air conditioner because of financial concerns. Other times the senior doesn’t want to “bother” anyone, including family or medical personnel so they will suffer in silence.  I always tell them the bigger bother will be hospitalization or worse yet informing their family of sad news.

If you have an elderly relative or neighbor take a few minutes to check on them. Even if you do not know your neighbor and you know they are elderly or disabled, what a better time to introduce yourself and see how they are doing. Let me know you care about their well being and encourage them to stay cool and if they are not feeling well to call for assistance. 

The Community Center serves as a Cooling Center during these times and is open Monday – Friday 8am to 9pm and Saturday 9am – 9pm.

Karen S Adcock

Director of Senior Services


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