INTRODUCING Parkways Boulevard

Mayor Kevin McDaniel opens the new Parkways Boulevard on September 10th.

On Friday afternoon, September 10, 2021, Mayor Kevin McDaniel, along with a number of guests, had the privilege of opening up to traffic our newest City road.  Parkways Boulevard is located just north of Auburn Road and runs east/west connecting Adams Road to North Squirrel Road, and is designed to primarily serve new developments along the roadway and to connect them to the core of our downtown.  The newest section of this road runs through Fountain Circle, a 259-unit luxury apartment development that is quickly becoming home to many new Auburn Hills residents.  In addition to trees and decorative lighting, one of the best features is on-street parking.  The road gives residents an urban feel and allows for plenty of parking for guests of the residents who live there as well as visitors to the city.  Squirrel Court, which existed as part of our downtown, has now been connected to this new road and re-named Parkways Boulevard. 

East facing view of Parkways Boulevard
West facing view of Parkways Boulevard

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