7:39’ers Donate New Interpretive Sign at Clinton River Trail Mile 7.39

The 7:39’ers Club started from a simple typo – an e-mail asking a group of friends to meet at the Clinton River Trail for a bike ride, at what was supposed to be 7:30, but with the slip of a key, the meeting time became 7:39.  7:39, what an odd time to meet!  The typo was so memorable that they started to call their biking club the 7:39’ers and it stuck!  

The 7:39’ers have been meeting to bike on the Clinton River Trail for many years and over time have become not only riding partners, but friends.  Part of what they enjoy doing together is giving back to the community, especially the communities where their club rides.  The club thought it would be fun act of civil service to donate an educational sign at mile 7.39 on the Clinton River Trail, in honor of their club name.  The club made a generous donation to the Friends of the Clinton River Trail to purchase an educational interpretive sign to be installed on or near mile 7.39, which is located in Auburn Hills.  Today the community celebrated the unveiling and dedication of the sign, which is installed next to the hydration and Fix-It stations, just west of Adams road, near mile 7.39. 

Members of the 7:39’ers assist in the unveiling of the new sign

Friends of the Clinton River Trail led the project and worked with the Oakland History Center at Pine Grove, the Auburn Hills Historical Society, and the City of Auburn Hills to develop the sign content and design, which is based on, “Water & Wool Power Auburn’s Early Economy.”

The new sign encourages readers to explore how water and wool were part of the early economy in Auburn Hills.

The Clinton River Trail is a rail-trail that extends across 16 miles of Oakland County and follows a former rail line once known as the Michigan Airline Railroad through the heart of Oakland County, including the cities of Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills and Rochester.  It connects with the West Bloomfield trail to the west, the Macomb Orchard Trail to the east, and the Paint Creek Trail branches off the to the north.  The CRT is also part of the cross-state trail, the Great Lake to Lake Trail, which extends from Lake Huron (Port Huron) to Lake Michigan (South Haven). Two miles of the Clinton River Trail travel through the City of Auburn Hills, from Adams Road on the east to Opdyke Road on the west. 

Melinda Hill, President of Friends of the Clinton River Trail, dedicates the sign among trail supporters.

The City of Auburn Hills thanks the 7:39’ers and for the support from all of our community partners on this project!  We hope our residents and neighbors will enjoy learning something new about the history of Auburn Hills as they visit our beautiful city!

Submitted by Sage Hegdal, Recreation Director

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