New Assistant City Manager Appointed

The City of Auburn Hills is pleased to announce that Brandon Skopek has been appointed to the position of Assistant City Manager, effective Monday, October 18, 2021.  Skopek succeeds Don Grice who retired last week after more than 32 years of service with the city.  Brandon Skopek was hired by the city in 2018 to the role of Director of Authorities, overseeing the Tax Increment Finance Authority, Downtown Development Authority, and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.  As part of the city’s succession planning efforts, Skopek was moved to the City Manager’s office in January of this year to an interim role of Assistant to the City Manager in preparation for taking on the Assistant City Manager position.  To date, his local government experience of seven years, with both the City of Auburn Hills and previous employers, will serve this community well; as well as his educational achievements of a Bachelor of Science Degree in public administration and public policy as well as a Master of Public Administration degree, both from Oakland University.  Congratulations Brandon!

City Clerk Laura Pierce administers the Oath of Office
to new Assistant City Manager Brandon Skopek.

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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