Being Prepared

On Tuesday, November 9, a number of City staff gathered at Hawk Woods Lodge for a tabletop exercise on emergency preparedness.  The event was led by Mike Loper, Emergency Management Specialist with Oakland County, in conjunction with our Fire Chief, Ellen Taylor.  Staff was given the scenario of responding to a devastating tornado that passed through the general area of downtown Auburn Hills.  We were faced with downed electrical wires, natural gas leaks, building collapses, displaced residents, injuries, and deaths.  Each person in the room received training on the role they would play if such an incident were to occur.  As you would expect, City staff is tasked with leaping into action to address any emergency situation, whether it is a natural disaster or one that is man-made.  What is most important is that our community knows that from time-to-time, we actually rehearse these kinds of events so that we can be best prepared to tackle them should they occur. 

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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