Fire Service is not Just a Man’s Job

On Monday, November 8, we had the privilege of having several female members of our staff in attendance at an event hosted by the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce called Women Empowered.  The event highlights three women panelists sharing their stories about how they got to where they are today, having achieved amazing career success.  While attendees from the City of Auburn Hills were from a number of city departments, I was particularly pleased to learn that our largest contingency of attendees came from the Fire Department.  Once a male dominated career, women have become an integral part of fire departments across the nation and certainly have made significant contributions here in Auburn Hills.  These contributions are represented at the top of the leadership team, with the Auburn Hills Fire Department being led by Chief Ellen Taylor.  Quite frankly, Auburn Hills has long been a leader in hiring women in what some might refer to as non-traditional roles.  For years, the Auburn Hills Police Department was led by Chief Doreen Olko, and during a time when few women held such positions.  Like Chief Olko, Chief Taylor is here because she is infinitely qualified and earned the position she holds today.  Nowadays, there is little to prevent anyone from pursuing what it is they want to achieve in the career of their choosing.  We’ve come a long way!

Our thanks go out to all of our Firefighters for the work they do to serve the Auburn Hills community.  Regardless of your gender, what is most important is that you are well-qualified in what you do and that you place the citizens first.  And thank you to Chief Taylor for her leadership of the Fire Department and for being a role model for the women of the department as well as all of the staff of the fire department and beyond.

Chief Ellen Taylor, third from the right, poses in Station 2 with Firefighters
attending Women Empowered.
Firefighters attending Women Empowered at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham.

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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