McDaniel Begins Fifth Term as Mayor of Auburn Hills | Kittle Elected Mayor Pro-Tem

On Monday evening, November 15, 2021, Mayor Kevin McDaniel was once again selected among his City Council peers to serve as Mayor for the next two years.  Mayor McDaniel has served as Mayor for the last eight years.  His return marks his fifth term as Mayor, having already served four, two-year terms.  This term, Mayor McDaniel will be joined by Bob Kittle as Mayor Pro-Tem.  The role of Mayor Pro-Tem is to conduct the duties of Mayor in the Mayor’s absence, including but not limited to signing documents requiring the Mayor’s signature, attending meetings and events, and chairing City Council meetings.  Kittle served one term in this role some years ago and has been a member of the City Council since 2002 when he was first appointed to City Council, filling a vacancy created by the passing of City Councilmember Marge Cooper.  Mr. Kittle has been re-elected by the citizens of the community ever since.  Mayor McDaniel is a fourth-generation resident of Auburn Hills, and along with his wife Erika are raising their two children, Addison and Kailer, the fifth generation of their family, here in the community. At 28, McDaniel was first elected to the Auburn Hills City Council.  At the age of 34, he was elected Mayor and has served in that capacity ever since.  He is the youngest person to serve as Mayor in the city’s history. In addition to his role as Mayor, McDaniel also serves on the city’s pension and retiree healthcare boards, as well as the board of the Downtown Development Authority. 

Congratulations Mayor McDaniel and Mayor Pro-Tem Kittle.

Kevin McDaniel, Mayor
Bob Kittle, Mayor Pro-Tem

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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