The Auburn Hills Community Center is Looking for a Few Good People to Join our Family

The Auburn Hills Community Center operates as a smooth-running machine because of the dedication of all the staff.  The Community Center, home to both the Recreation Department and the Senior Services Department, has staff dedicated to each department but is also supported by a group of caring and devoted employees who truly care about this community. 

The support staff includes our Front Desk Clerks, Custodians, and Building Supervisors, each having a valuable role in the successful operations of the Community Center.

The first voice you hear when you call or are greeted when you walk in, is the voice of our Front Desk Clerks, who probably have one of the more difficult jobs.  They are responsible for knowing everything that is going on in both departments and the city, no easy task.  They are the frontline faces of the Community Center and strive to make each guest’s experience positive.

The Community Center is 15 years old, but when you enter the building, it still looks as clean and beautiful as the day we opened. You don’t see the normal wear and tear of a public facility, but instead you see how clean it looks, how the floors shine, the restrooms are always clean and fully stocked and the windows sparkle.  No easy feat but our Custodians take great pride in what they do and work very hard to make sure everything is clean, sanitized and always in good repair.  Everyone who visits our building comments on the cleanliness, and they feel so comfortable here whether its to participate in a class, eat lunch or rent a room.

And speaking of safe and inviting, at night and on the weekends, we have some amazing Building Supervisors who ensure everyone is having a safe and fun time at the Community Center, from overseeing basketball nights, to helping set up for parties to being the ambassador to all our guests who stop in.

AND we have the unique opportunity for anyone who wants to be a part of our Auburn Hills Community Center family and help us to continue doing the great things we do.  We currently have openings for two (2) Custodians and two (2) Building Supervisors.  These are part-time positions perfect for someone looking to supplement their income, a student, or a retired person. To learn more please visit the City of Auburn Hills Human Resources page or better yet, stop by and talk to the staff! 

Community Center Staff

Karen Adcock, Senior Services Director

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