DPW — The Department of Public Wow!

Okay, it’s really the Department of Public Works, but at this time of the year, this is the department that does the things that make you say “Wow!”  Such is the case of our beautiful and impressive Christmas tree that has now been installed in downtown Auburn Hills.  It will be lit at our annual Tree Lighting Ceremony to be held on Friday evening, December 3 at 6:00 p.m. and is a “can’t miss” event for the residents of Auburn Hills.  It’s the DPW that lights up the downtown to bring joy and excitement to those who visit or pass through our downtown during the entire holiday season.  Lighting on trees, public buildings, light poles, and the sound of Christmas music piped into our downtown sidewalks all adds to the charm of Auburn Hills and nearly all of it is brought to you by the efforts of the Department of Public Wow Works.  The stars of the downtown decorating team from the DPW are Steve DeVos, Terry Barnett, and Nelson Cox; with a supporting cast of Tim Wisser, Eric Price, Eric Kaczor, Greg Landry, and Drayton Collis.  And why do they do it?  For you! 

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas this year in downtown Auburn Hills.  As always, we encourage you to shop, dine and be entertained locally. 

Happy Holidays to all and please take the time to enjoy the Wow!

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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