City of Auburn Hills Wins 2021 Excellence Award

On Monday, December 6, 2021, the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce held its annual Silver & Gold Awards, recognizing success in various categories of awards.  This year, the City of Auburn Hills was nominated for the leadership role it played in managing the community through the pandemic.  The city’s philosophy during the pandemic was and continues to be that when things are at their worst is when the residents need us most.  Taking a practical approach and learning as much as we could about conducting business with the presence of COVID-19, the City remained open, operational, and accessible to the public, putting into place all of the necessary safety precautions as provided by the CDC.  That commitment to the community earned the City recognition at the Silver & Gold Awards. 

Along with PC Miracles, SALTA of Auburn Hills, and Team CORE, the City of Auburn Hills was nominated for the Atlas Copco Excellence Award, defined as an award to an organization that not only meets industry standards but has clearly gone above and beyond to improve their company and industry expectations.  We are very proud of this recognition and congratulate all who were nominated.  We are also proud of our staff who pulled together without hesitation, making certain the City did not skip a beat in its delivery of service during what has been some very challenging times. 

Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce President, Jean Jernigan, addresses
the nearly 300 people who attended the 2021 Silver & Gold Awards
Mayor Kevin McDaniel accepts the 2021 Excellence Award
presented by Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco 2021 Excellence Award

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager

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