2022 Auburn Hills DPW Public Infrastructure Projects

With Spring just a few weeks away, we’re finally able to look forward to baseball, blooming flowers, extra daylight and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. We all should find comfort in knowing we won’t have to use ridiculous words like “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpocalypse” for at least another seven or eight months. In less than two weeks, we can begin registering for all the wonderful Spring & Summer programs offered by the Auburn Hills Parks & Recreation Department. Spring has (nearly) arrived!

Now for the less-than-happy news. Here in Michigan, Spring also means the beginning of construction season. Some of the major road construction projects that you will be seeing this year in Auburn Hills include the reconstruction of Bald Mountain Road and Shimmons Road (Phillips to Dexter). The Shimmons Road & Phillips Road intersection adjacent to M-24 will also be replaced with a roundabout to improve the flow of traffic. Some other major projects happening in the City that aren’t expected to severely impact traffic include the relocation of the Veterans Memorial to the Aaron Webster Cemetery (postponed from 2021), renovations to two of the City’s fire stations and a liner addition to part of the City’s sewer infrastructure.

Please also be aware that the Michigan Department of Transportation will be completing two major projects in Auburn Hills this year. The first is the reconstruction of the bridge walls on the M-59 overpass over North Squirrel Road. The second is the installation of new traffic signals and crosswalks along Chrysler Drive. For questions, comments, or concerns with these projects, please call MDOT at 248-483-58100.

For a full list of DPW projects, please visit our Current Projects page. Each project includes a brief overview, the project status, anticipated timeline, and point of contact. Please be aware that weather and other forces can impact the timelines for these projects, so the timelines are subject to change. The DPW will also continue maintaining and managing most of the City’s other public infrastructure, so if you notice a problem, feel free to give us a call at 248-391-3777.

Dean Lent, Department of Public Works

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