Celebrate National Public Works Week!

Public works is all around you! Our Department of Public Works (DPW) team is made up of community superheroes. These team members are dedicated to providing the City with clean and safe roads, safe drinking water, unrestricted sanitary sewers, and adequate storm drainage.

This week is National Public Works Week and we are proud to celebrate the hard work our DPW puts into our community on a daily basis.

Did you know that our trained crew maintains approximately 180 miles of water main and 118 miles of sanitary sewer main? Their maintenance work includes manholes, valves, pump stations and even a one-million-gallon water tower! The DPW Water and Sewer Division is committed to protecting public health by working with the Great Lakes Water Authority on the delivery of clean water to our homes.

The Roads Division of the DPW is responsible for maintaining over 90 miles of roadway and over 120 miles of pathway by plowing and salting, patching potholes, and replacing asphalt and concrete on all city-owned roadways. They also maintain nearly 225 miles of storm mains, more than 2,750 catch basins, and all City roadway signs! The Fleet Division keeps more than 125 fleet units and over 150 pieces of equipment in excellent working condition.

The Municipal Properties Division is responsible for thousands of trees in our Public Parks and along City Roadways.

It should go without saying that our City cannot run without a talented team ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of our physical infrastructure. To our DPW, thank you for all of the seen and unseen work you to do to keep our City clean, safe and accessible.

Lisa Passalacqua, Community Engagement Manager

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