Eric Cionka Appointed to City Council

On Tuesday, September 6, City Councilmembers gathered as eight Auburn Hills residents were given the opportunity to share why they wanted to fill the vacancy on City Council created by the recent retirement of Mayor Pro-tem Bob Kittle.  The City Council applicants represented a wide variety of education, skills, and abilities they could offer as a City Councilmember.  At the completion of the presentations, City Councilmembers embarked on a selection process, choosing an applicant they believe would be an exceptional addition to the elected team.  Applicant Eric Cionka was chosen to fill the vacancy. 

Eric Cionka

Mr. Cionka has been a resident of Auburn Hills for more than eight years and during nearly all that time, he has been the President of the Forester Square Homeowners Association.  In addition, he also serves as a member of the board of directors of the Auburn Hills Downtown Development Authority as well as being a commission member of the Auburn Hills Elected Officials Compensation Commission.  Mr. Cionka is a Senior Pharmacy Benefits Consultant and possesses an Associate of Applied Science Degree, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Business Administration.  The City of Auburn Hills welcomes Eric Cionka to the City Council and wishes him much success. Mr. Cionka will serve a term ending November 2023.

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager