Auburn Hills Fire Department Hosts Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Training

Whether a musician, a chemist, an artist or an athlete, the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” has been drilled into all of us. In the case of emergencies, regular practice and thoughtful training is imperative to minimize risk for first responders and civilians alike. An uptick in active shooter/hostile events is a looming reality in emergency services, and it is more critical than ever that our first responders learn the latest guidelines to handle tactical emergencies.

Last month, the City of Auburn Hills Fire Department hosted a Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course. This joint training between the Auburn Hills Fire Department and the Auburn Hills Police Department improves interoperability and better prepares our first responders to work together in tactical events. Participants from across Michigan, as far as Mackinac Island, attended the course.

Chief Adam Massingill and Firefighter Jay Coaster work through a tabletop exercise for responding to tactical mass casualty events.

Facilitated by Auburn Hills Fire Chief Adam Massingill, the training included response to direct and indirect threats, hemorrhage control, strategies for treating wounded responders in threatening environments, caring for pediatric patients, techniques for dragging and carrying victims to safety and a mass-casualty/active shooter event simulation. Upon completing the course, our firefighters received an NAEMT Certification and Michigan Bureau of Fire Service Certification.

As a certified training site, our Fire Department will continue to train Auburn Hills responders as well as others from across the state in these important skills.

Ann Arbor Fire Department EMS Coordinator Martin Anderson and Auburn Hills Fire Inspector Jon Toss practice a civilian tactical scenario.

We are continually impressed by the level of education and training our public safety departments engage in and are extremely grateful to have these talented and caring professionals striving to keep our City safe.