There is Snow Place Like Hawk Woods Park and Campground

Best part of a Friday night snowstorm? Kicking off Saturday morning with a snowy hike at Hawk Woods Park and Campground. Located at 3799 Bald Mountain Road, Hawk Woods is a hidden gem in Auburn Hills and a perfect snowshoe destination.

After arriving on Saturday, my husband and I headed left from the parking lot to hike Bluebird Loop, a ¼ mile trail with crisp, undisturbed snow. The sun was strong and drooping branches weighed down overnight by the heavy snow, sprung back to an upright position after our slightest touch. It felt like this sleepy, snowy world was waking up just for us. We arrived by car and not by wardrobe, so we definitely weren’t in Narnia, but we sure felt transported.

Bluebird Loop at Hawk Woods Park and Campground
Pond Trail at Hawk Woods Park and Campground

Winter can be polarizing and I definitely land in the pro-snow club, but I will always believe there’s something for everyone to enjoy after a fresh snowfall. Fortunately, spring is just around the corner, but if you suffer from the winter blues, you might just find a little winter magic at Hawk Woods Park and Campground.

Lisa Passalacqua, Community Engagement Manager