2024 Goals Set

Each year, the City Council holds a Goals & Objectives Workshop to establish the major goals for the city for the following fiscal/calendar year.  On Monday evening, April 24, the workshop was held for 2024 goals.  The purpose of the workshop being held in the first half of the year is so that anything that comes out of the workshop that has economic implications can be included in the next year’s budget.  The budget is formulated by staff during the summer months and adopted by City Council by October for the next fiscal year.  The Facilitator for the workshop is Dr. Pat Piskulich, Professor at Oakland University.  Dr. Piskulich has been our Facilitator since 2012 and has done an excellent job in providing guidance to the City Council and staff in establishing its annual goals. 

As a trusted advisor to the City, Dr. Piskulich has been a part of the Auburn Hills success story, helping to keep us focused on quality service while maintaining stable fiscal strength.  As the longtime director of the Public Affairs Research Laboratory (PARL) at OU, Dr. Piskulich has not only facilitated our annual Goals & Objectives Workshop but has also conducted comprehensive surveys of our residents and business community to gain feedback about what is important to these constituencies.  The proclamation given to Dr. Piskulich was to recognize his service to our community as well as to congratulate him on his impending retirement from OU this summer. 

Pat Piskulich, PhD (left), receives a proclamation for his work with the City from Mayor Kevin McDaniel

On behalf of the entire Auburn Hills community, we say THANK YOU to Dr. Piskulich and wish him a long, happy, healthy, and prosperous retirement. 

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager