Celebrating Earth Day

This year, Earth Day fell on a Saturday, which meant that the City of Auburn Hills and our great corporate partners got a head start on cleaning up our own pocket of the Earth.

On Friday, April 21st, the City of Auburn Hills partnered with BorgWarner and Vitesco Technologies to help improve and clean up Riverside Park and River Woods Park. Though the weather was not ideal, our volunteers stuck it out and left our parks in better condition than when they first arrived.

With the help of the Auburn Hills DPW, BorgWarner staff plant a new tree at River Woods Park in Auburn Hills.

Thanks to BorgWarner and Vitesco Technologies, Riverside Park and River Woods Park are cleaner and feature eighteen new tree plantings, wood chips, and playscape mulch around play structures.

Auburn Hills’ DPW helps Vitesco Technologies add new plants to Riverside Park.

BorgWarner and Vitesco Technologies were not the only companies to get outside and improve the area around them to celebrate Earth Day. U.S. Farathane participated in the City of Auburn Hills Keep it Clean program. The program offers organizations throughout the City of Auburn Hills the ability to rent clean-up equipment so they are able to host these kinds of activities for their own staff. This is another way organizations can improve the community by simply taking care of their own space.

Staff from U.S. Farathane lined up for a group photo with the collected trash from their Earth Day festivities

Andrew Hagge, Management Assistant