GKN Automotive: A Great Example of Corporate Community Involvement

Last night I had the privilege of being invited to our Community Center for a volunteer appreciation dinner.  Volunteers at the Community Center do all sorts of valuable things such as deliver senior meals, check on the wellbeing of our seniors, or volunteer to do things like minor home repairs or rake leaves, to name just a few.  Individual residents are very involved, as well as companies in the City.  Recreation and Senior Services Director Karen Adcock recognized one of these great companies who have now surpassed the twenty-year mark of volunteerism at the community center.  That company is GKN.  Originally located on University Drive next to our municipal campus, GKN now resides in a more modern building that was built for their specific needs and located on Opdyke Road with prominent frontage along I-75. 

We can’t thank GKN enough.  Not only have they chosen Auburn Hills as a place to invest and do business, but they also further invest in the community with hours and hours of volunteer time.  A big shout out to Anatoliy and Drake who proudly represented GKN at last night’s event.

GKN was given this banner as recognition of their more than twenty years of volunteer service to the Community Center and its Senior Meals Program.
 The City of Auburn Hills is pleased to see that GKN is already proudly displaying their recognition banner in a prominent location in their lobby the morning after they received it.   

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager