It’s Nice to have Great Neighbors

In the last week or so, I have had the privilege of being invited to three of our neighboring communities for their State of the City or State of the Township addresses.  Mayor Cathy Daldin of Rochester, Supervisor Chris Barnett of Orion Township, and Mayor Bryan Barnett of Rochester Hills all delivered their annual addresses in their respective communities.  All three have some very specific things in common.  Each loves their community deeply, each is committed to serving their community, and each is proud to be leaders of the community and the people they represent.

As the City Manager of Auburn Hills, I have the opportunity to interact with these communities on a regular basis.  In Rochester, I’m getting to know my colleague, City Manager Blaine Wing.  Blaine is relatively new to Rochester as their City Manager and joined the City just a few months ago.  Brothers Bryan Barnett and Chris Barnett are not only professional colleagues, they are friends.  I can count on them whenever I want to share ideas or discuss ways in which we can work collaboratively for the greater good of our area of Oakland County.  Auburn Hills is lucky to have some really great neighbors.  All of our respective communities offer very different opportunities in the way of housing, commercial development, industry, etc.  We think that’s what makes living and doing business in this area so very special.  Congratulations to our neighbors on delivering great news about the wonderful things that are happening in each of your communities.  All of you have many reasons to be proud.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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